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2023 RETREAT O’ahu, Hawai’i

The spirit of aloha can transform humanity

6 day Lunar New Year Women’s Retreat in Hawai’i

January 21-26th, 2023

O’ahu, Hawai’i

I ka wā ma mua, I ka wā ma hope

To look to the future we must look deeply to the past

Honor and share your past, connect and heal your present, dream and envision your future!

Reinvigorate your connection with mother earth and the divine feminine amidst the breathtaking beauty of O’ahu, Hawaii. Experience winding beaches, lush canyons, and diverse ecosystems.

Discover the rich heritage of the Native Hawaiian culture through the richness of their own culture through ceremony, relationships with others and the land. Dig your toes into the sand and let the waves crash upon you each day at our oceanfront cottages. Engage in optional daily workshops and experiences, led by a wide array of Kānaka ʻŌiwi. Come experience with us and make room for your soul’s creative energy to flow in this vibrant place of abundance!

Beginning at 5pm on Saturday, January 21, this Inn-Based Retreat will last five full days.

The content of our days will vary, including day hikes of easy to moderate difficulty (2-6 miles/day), and mild to moderate solitude.

We’ll also volunteer at a turtle sanctuary, and participate in a variety of teachings and ceremonies.

We will start and end our journey in Honolulu, Hawai’i, and spend our time exploring the incredible island and culture of O’ahu.

Everyone has retreats, yes.

Most retreats promise you one thing or another, yes.

But this retreat doesn’t focus on making promises….it focuses on experiences that unlock transformation, inner peace and a deeper connection with self and others.

For the transformation you need, there is an experience.

For the new focus you desire, there is an experience.

For the inner peace that you seek, there is an experience.

What we’ve learned from designing this retreat in partnership with Native Hawaiians is that the intention of this experience  is to learn, expand and have a reciprocal relationship of giving and receiving. We owe it to ourselves, to our ancestors and to all indigineous people to visit their land to learn from their connection but to also give our energy, love and intention back to them

This retreat is an invitation to give and receive, Aloha aku, Aloha mai.

When you accept this invitation, you commit to being rather than doing.

You choose ancient wisdom.

You choose to embrace the past, present and future.

That takes place through the corridors of healing, reconnection, and finally seeing you as the earth sees you – powerful, pivotal and deeply empowered.

Start your Journey

Trip Cost: $3450

Deposit (30% down): $1,035 Deposit

Split into 4 payments of $603.75 (After Deposit)

*We will start the container of this retreat prior to January, we will gather every new and full moon starting in November.

Ready to Enroll

Meet Your Guides

We invite you  to join us in stewardship, reverence, and Aloha for our islands, our people and our culture. We invite you to a unique, authentic experience. We are inclusive and invite guests into this authentic experience in a way that never jeopardizes or exploits our culture but always honors and upholds the sacredness of this land and her people.

Ingrid Harb

Ashley Ono

Kelsi Russell

Kapi'olani Nee



After another scrumptious home cooked breakfast, get ready for a full day on trail! Today we’ll be accompanied by spiritual and environmental steward, as we hike 6 miles through a winding tropical canyon, filled with diverse wildlife and numerous culturally significant sites. We’ll gather for dinner together, followed by a grounding evening session with the founder of the Kā Mahina Project, Hiʻilani Shibata.

A vision of flow and harmony with nature

Every retreat should be experiential. And one thing that we take honor in is creating atmospheres and scenarios that cause you to have the most beautiful and invigorating experiences – from the inside out!

Any experience can never be fully described; we can, however, give you a hint as to what’s in store for you!

● You will learn daily practice techniques that aid you in igniting personal self-healing.

● You get to align with and glean from Native Wisdom that activates the art of healing for self, others and ʻaina.

● You receive the deep cleansing that you need to purify yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

● You will experience joy through beautiful beaches, purity of the jungle, and planned excursions.

● You will enjoy rejuvenation downtime, which calls for journaling, meditation, and nature exploration.

● You will be introduced to your new tribe of like-minded individuals who are also ready for transformation.


Truth is, we can’t list all the benefits. That’s why they must be experienced!

[41-010, Waimanalo, Hawaii 98795 USA]

Waimanalo Beach Cottages

At Waimanalo Beach Cottages, we will be right on the beautiful Waimanalo Beach, with it’s azure blue waters, relaxing waves, and sparkling white sands. The beach is rarely crowded, and, on weekdays, you might find that we have it all for ourselves! Walking distance are local favorite, Ashley and Kapiolani (Organizers) our local partners in this great adventure!

What’s Included

● Round trip transportation from and to Honolulu airport, and all local transit to points of interest and hikes

● All meals, snacks and post-hike refreshments, sourced locally

● Five nights of lodging at the enchanting Waimanalo Beach Cottages

● Two native, local guides and a professional wilderness guide and certified first responder

● Daily cultural sessions led by inspired local community leaders

● Daily ceremonies and meditations

What’s not Included

● Recommended 20-30L Daypack

● Clothing, footwear & personal toiletries

● Water bottles and headlamp

● Travel to Honolulu, Hawaii

● Alcohol


What better way to connect with the place you’re in than to indulge in fresh and local, nutritious cuisine! From fresh produce to Ulu and Kalo, Musubi, Poke and Shave Ice, prepare your palate for a delicious array of satisfying and culturally significant foods.


Oahu’s daily January temperatures tend to be in the 70’s, with evenings in the 60’s. We recommend using the NOAA National Weather Service (www.weather.gov) in obtaining the most reliable forecast for the Honolulu region.

How to get there (flights, airport transfers, buses, trains)

Please book your plane ticket to arrive at:
Honolulu International Airport (HNL)

[What to bring]


We recommend you bring the following items in a small duffel bag, suitcase or backpack: (Keep in mind that temperatures change throughout the day. Having layers you can add/remove as needed tends to work best!)

Hiking Shoes – broken-in, midweight, with decent traction (If buying new, bump up a ½ size or so to account for thicker hiking socks and/or foot swelling.)

Hiking Socks – moisture-wicking socks are recommended over cotton

Hiking Shirts AND Cotton Shirts – Moisture retention (cotton) can help cool you down on hot days, while non-cotton shirts tend to be more breathable. Consider short and long sleeve shirts, for varied sun protection.

Warm Tops – mid-weight wicking layer (fleece, merino wool, or polypropylene sweater), AND heavier-weight insulating “puffy” jacket (something that will keep you warm if we have a chilly evening)

Hiking Pants and Shorts – comfy, breathable (nylon recommended) pants, shorts, leggings, or activewear skirts

Sun Protection – such as Sun Hat, Sun Glasses, Lip Balm, Sunscreen, and/or Bandana

Warm Hat & Gloves – (optional) lightweight beanie & fleece or wool gloves for chilly mornings or evenings

Casual Clothing and Footwear – for evening wanderings and around the cottages, beach, or town

Swimsuit/Beachwear – bring the layers you’ll want in order to enjoy the beach

[What to bring]


We recommend you bring the following items:

Water System – Able to hold 3+ liters; Bottles or bladders are ok. At least one bottle is recommended in case a bladder ruptures.

Toiletries – don’t forget a backup pair of contacts or glasses!

Prescription Meds – including vitamins, supplements, or relevant support braces

Journal and Pens – for use during sessions

Money – for any shopping you might want to do

Cell Phone, Camera – and relevant chargers

Headlamp – bring it if you’ve got it! A cell phone flashlight will also work

Personal Daypack and optional trekking poles – The pack you’ll use daily, and the poles are up to you

Aloha aku, aloha mai.

I give my love to you, you give your love to me.


● Learn daily practice techniques that ignite your own self healing

● Activate your self healing by aligning with Native Wisdom

● Deep cleanse and purify physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

● Play in beautiful beaches, jungle, and waterfalls with included excursions

● Downtime to journal, meditate, spend time exploring nature

● Make new, lifelong friendships with like-minded people

We invite you  to join us in stewardship, reverence, and Aloha for our islands, our people and our culture. We invite you to experience a depth of culture that is normally inaccessible to tourists. We are inclusive and invite guests into this authentic experience in a way that never jeopardizes or exploits our culture or people but always honors and upholds the sacredness of this land.

Terms & Conditions:

A deposit of $1,035 (30%) is required at time of booking to secure your space. Full payment is required 60 days before departure date.


Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancel 45-90 days prior to trip: Full refund

Cancel 31-45 days prior to trip: 50% of trip cost is refundable

Cancel 0-31 days prior to the trip: 100% trip cost is non-refundable


We highly suggest purchasing travel insurance to protect your investment.

Kampala, Uganda
I can say that after WAF there was an incredible change in my life. WAF believed in me and in all the potential that I did not believe I had.

[Escalante, Utah]

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