Dr. Kimberly Macuare

[ Co-Director of Innovation Labs ]

Dr. Kimberly Macuare, Co-Director of Innovation Labs at The Dalí, is an experienced educator, curriculum designer and writer. In her role as the lead program designer and facilitator for the Innovation Labs, she has helped many organizations, such as Henkel, Capital One, and Bloomin’ Brands, to build their innovation capacities by developing creativity-focused mindsets and learning creative problem solving skills. She has extensive experience in arts-based creativity training and is a certified trainer of leading research-based creativity and innovation tools FourSight Mindset and Toolset and a certified facilitator of LEGO® Serious Play® for Teams and Groups. Before joining The Dalí, she managed the Institute for Advanced Discovery & Innovation at the University of South Florida and served as associate editor for Technology and Innovation. Deeply engaged in innovation culture, she has taught courses on creativity and innovation, designed innovative educational programming, and interviewed and written about some of the greatest innovators and innovations of the modern era. She holds a BA in English from the University of Cincinnati, and an MA in English from The Ohio State University, and a PhD in English with a specialization in medieval literature and economics from The Ohio State University.


Renaissance and Revolution: The Power of Reinvention

In this interactive workshop, we will explore how thinking like an artist—with a special focus on Dalí’s works, processes and ideas—can help us ignite our own creative powers to reinvent ourselves and the world around us. Specifically, we will focus on three main areas: seeing differently, doing differently and being differently. Before we can catalyze creativity, we need to start at the baseline: how we see things. To that end, we will first explore how Dalí’s focus on manipulating perception illuminates our concepts of the possible and the impossible and changes our perspectives of the world around us. Then, we will turn our attention to doing differently and focus on the changes we can make in our practices—often small changes—that jumpstart change and fuel creative invention and reinvention. Finally, we turn our attention to being differently—not being different but being differently—with a focus on how we can cultivate a more creative identity.

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