Elvana Shala

[ Ambassador of Goodwill for Kosovo ]

Elvana, besides education, her career as an activist she started at the age of 12 when she first started working with various local and international non-governmental organizations, mainly in cultural and humanitarian projects and in the protection of human rights. In 2002 she appeared in front of the public, playing the main role in the drama “We also want light”, aimed at recognizing the rights of people with disabilities. In 2003, she represented Kosovo for the first time at the First World Congress for Disabled Children in Wells, England. In 2004, she was elected a deputy of the Youth Assembly of Peja an assembly established to protect Peja’s youth interests and rights. As a writer of various literary essays in 2006, she was rewarded with the award “Best Poet of the City of Peja”, a prize given on the occasion of the Liberation Day of Peja. During 2007-2008 she also attended a lot of non-formal human rights schools organized by Youth Initiative for Human Rights, and Save the Children. In 2009 she was elected a member of the Trentino Con il Kosovo and Cooperazzione Colomba research group in order to improve the relationship between the youth of the Serbian and Albanian communities and to create opportunities for interfaith peace and stability. And in 2009 she get a special invitation by Roberto Bazzoni to moderate the commemorative academy of two Italian humanists who lost their lives during the war in Kosovo, Roberto Bazzoni and Antonio Sercana. From 2006-2014 has moderated the Mini-Olympics for People with Disabilities, a traditional sports event organized under the patronage of the Paralympic Committee of Kosovo. In 2014, she is appointed an Ambassador of the Goodwill for Kosovo by the International Commission for Human Rights as a part of the United Nations, a non-profit diplomatic mission with a 4 years mandate that gives her the possibility to represent Kosovo officially in the field of public diplomacy around the world. Under this mission, she has represented Kosovo at various conferences and public diplomacy events in countries like New York, London, Dubai, Geneva, Turkey, Morocco, Prague, Thailand, etc. Except her international representation, in Kosovo, each year she organize projects that mainly affects the marginalized categories of her country where among the best known are; international human rights video “Your right can not to be bought it is born with you” launched in many countries of the world, awareness campaign against discrimination of victims of sexual violence during the war A Ray of Light” fashion event for people with special needs “The beauty begins with us” , tv show ” My story, your motivation” etc. In 2015 she was awarded the “Lauerate in Social Welfare” by the Municipality of Peja. In 2018 she is also elected for a second mandate as Ambassador of Goodwill for Kosovo by the IHRC function which she will exercise until 2022. For a certain period she has been part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo with which currently has external co-operation.

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