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The way working women have been working & trying to balance it all has not been working for decades.

Something has got to change. And NOW is the time.

We need to stop band-aiding the challenges with surface solutions for wellness and stress management. Or relying on blips of self-care that only provide boosts to keep us treading water.

We are on a mission to share a different, wiser way to work, live & be that works for working women.

One that works for how all people and this planet naturally prosper best. One we’ve spent the last 15 years researching, teaching and refining.

Starting this October, we are gathering an intentional group of conscious, professional, purpose-driven women leaders, influencers and change makers for an experience focused on both: liberating you from the unconscious imprints & systemic influences that keep you stuck in the burnout matrix AND learning new elevated models, mindsets, and practices for creating success, impact and wellbeing – for yourself, and others.

First, we elevate your awareness, upgrade your personal operating system, teach you a wiser way to work, live,  make choices & meet intensity that you begin to embody and apply real time.

Which empowers you to better guide the people, organizations and systems you influence.

You are invited. Watch the video. Read more. Reach out with questions. Join us.

This isn’t another to do…

it’s a support system & structure for you.

There are real reasons why we haven’t been able to solve the imbalance working women have felt for the 50+ years we’ve been in the workforce. The systems were built for burnout. And we have internalized a work-hard, self-sacrifice, push-grind, faster-is-better mindset. 

The Great Resignation has been a long time coming. We see it as a Great Revealing with the potential to breakthrough to the Great Re-Design we’ve been waiting for.  

We, Christine Arylo & Ingrid Harb, co-creators of this experience thought we’d start with inviting you into a short conversation to give you a sense of what this experience, is all about.

Three things we know for sure about where we are…

1. We've become so resilient, that we've become too tolerant.

We have been doing more with less, taking more on, and reacting to a faster and faster pace, for so many decades, we’ve come to accept unhealthy and unsustainable as normal.

We’ve been assimilating into distorted systems & cultures for so long, that we’ve forgotten humans created every non-natural system. We are humans, which means we have the power to re-imagine and re-design the way we and the world work

2. What Got Us Here Cannot Take Us To Where We Need to Go

If we are burned out and overwhelmed by our current reality, we will not achieve the impact we desire (without getting sick). Trying to do it all and take care of so much, without enough support, we can’t maintain our wellbeing, we fragment our energy, and we lose our clarity (and selves) to the chaos.

Following traditional models and measures for leadership, success, productivity and wellness will only create 10% better vs. the breakthrough shift you and we know is needed and possible.

3. We Have Both Systemically-Induced & Self-Generated Imprints, Biases & Norms that Unconsciously Drive Our Choices, Thoughts, Habits & Expectations. We Need to Reveal, Release, and Change These.

You cannot change what you cannot see – in yourself, others or the systems.

But once you can see these imprints and biases within yourself and others, you become empowered to make changes, and create the reality you desire, from the inside out.

There is a Different Way of Working, Living & Making an Impact in the World Without Burning Ourselves, Others, & The Planet Out.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on the work we’ve been doing with working women for almost 15 years. Our methodologies were designed for women by women. We believe and see that when we focus on elevating  women leaders, they naturally take what they learn, and use the knowledge to support the people, projects and organizations they influence.

We use a 6-part approach to support diverse learning styles and create an experience that educates and empowers you with models, wisdom, tools and strategies you can use real-time.

We’ll work with a variety of tools including visual thinking, self-awareness assessments, self-reflection inquiry, creative processes, intentional dialogue, and somatic practices, that create a field that facilitates whole-person – mind/body/emotion/spirit – breakthroughs.

To learn more about the content, models, teachings, and approach, Click Below. This will give you a fuller picture of what you’ll experience.

A whole-being approach that goes beyond typical self-care directives. A path to liberation not just from burnout itself, but from the structures, the beliefs, and paradigms that create and drive it.

Dr. Leisl M. Bryant, Board Certified Psychologist

How it works

We can only lead and influence others from the mindset and work-style we live from.

We Upgrade Your Personal Operating System

It takes 40 days to REVEAL + UNLEARN an unconscious imprint, pattern, or habit. 120 days to LEARN + EMBRACE a new way of working, thinking, and making choices. 

Which is why this is a 4-month experience in which you receive the space to experiment + explore, unlearn + learn, and breakthrough to new insights + ways of working, living and being.

A Sample of We’ll Unlearn + Learn based on the common unconscious imprints & biases we found within working women, and the upgraded, wiser alternatives we’ve found work.

You Receive New Language, Awareness, Models, Practices, Tools & Insights You Put into Action Now, and Keep Using for Years to Come.

A Sample of What You’ll Take With You from the Experience:


1. Language for what you can’t see or articulate but feel intuitively. Being able to name something is the first step in changing it.

2. Self-Awareness of your burnout imprints, sabotaging habits and the ways you create self-induced pressure and push away support.

3. Clarity on where to focus to experience significant but simple shifts that last – first for yourself, then for others and for the organizations and systems you work within.

4. Practices you can use daily, weekly and during times of intensity to stay centered, calm, clear, connected, and sustained even within the chaos.

5. Models that provide new ways of thinking about how to work, achieve, set expectations, make decisions, assess timing, prevent burnout.

6. Deeper wisdom that give you access to new ways, for working, living, succeeding, achieving and relating.

7. Consistent daily morning and evening downshifting practices that improve your mind, body, emotion and spirit wellbeing and clarity, and that you stay committed to.

8. Simple, effective tools to make better, more sustainable choices proactively and in the moment to influence others, to find the sustainable path and timing, and to set boundaries.

9. Camaraderie with other conscious women, engaging in real, supportive conversation, connection and action.

10. Support to make changes within yourselves and within the systems, teams, organizations you work in.

Each Month We’ll Focus On a Specific Area You Experiment With In Your Daily Reality Now + We’ll Share and Talk Through What Emerges in Our Sessions

A Sample of Our Focuses:


  • Re-defining Success, Wellbeing & Work/Life Balance – including re-defining what work is, the Whole Life Design Circle, and the Sustainable Impact Approach
  • Preventing Burnout & Overwhelm and Cultivating Vitality & Centeredness – understanding your Personal Wellbeing Foundation, Burnout Blueprint, and Stress Personality
  • Revealing Self-Induced Pressure & Replacing With Self-Supportive Patterns – including work-style biases, support sabotagers & overWorking imprints
  • Increasing Capacity to Receive Support, Create a Sustainable Rhythm and Reset Expectations – yours and others
  • Working With Time, Pace, Focus and Intensity Differently – to greatly reduce overwhelm, and get more of what matters done
  • Influencing and Making Sustainable Choices – including setting healthy boundaries and expectations (for you and those you lead and influence)
  • Releasing Over-Responsibility & Staying Focused on Your Part – including working wiser to create more sustainable (and significant) impact

As leaders, we need space + structure + support outside of daily demands to experiment with doing things differently.

As human beings, we need time to breakthrough to lasting transformation and create new normals we trust.

The Program Structure

The Structure Will Support You to Complete this Year Strong & Sustained + Start Next Year More Rooted in Your Sustainability, Clarity + Purpose

We start with a virtual kick off retreat + keep a consistent structure that will become a touchstone and centering support structure for you + complete with a retreat that will set you up to create a focus for next year rooted in sustainable success, impact and wellbeing.


Kick-Off Virtual

October 21st, 2022

(You do this from home)
Sets the foundation, focus, goals and introduction to the community.


Two Monthly Sessions for
Four Months

October, November,
December, January

(90 minutes each, 8 sessions

Specific focus each month, providing teachings, space and practices to apply and experiment with.


1:1 Peer Connection Calls,
One per Month

(45 minutes)
Each woman is paired with another woman in the program to check in monthly, share experiences, gain insight and clarity, and receive support and accountability for taking action.


Closing Retreat  in Person 
February 24th, 2023

We will gather for the weekend and take you through a creative process to set your personal and professional intentions and goals in a new way that creates sustainable success, impact and wellbeing. Plus you’ll be able to meet the women you’ve been through this experience with in person.  (Note: For those who can’t travel, there will be an option to do it from home)


Additional Option: Integrative Coaching Sessions, Anytime During the Program

(45 minutes)
Sometimes having focused support one on one to work with what’s emerging or to deepen with the experience can be very impactful. When you register, you can choose an option that includes two private coaching sessions.


Optional Bonuses

As a participant in this experience, you can also receive to access these annual experiences we facilitate for women leaders around the world:

 – Year End Power Pause + Reflection Process – December

 – Year Start Emerge Visioning Process – January

What to expect?

Women tell us that the bi-weekly structure becomes a supportive structure for them, and a saved space outside of their day-to-day to gain perspective and receive connections with colleagues.

  • Sessions are interactive, and include teaching, self-reflection, group conversation, breakouts.
  • You experiment in your daily professional and personal life in-between sessions to gain self and systemic awareness, and practice doing things differently.
  • You receive practices and self-awareness inquiries to work with in-between sessions, stimulating personal breakthroughs, systemic insights and constructive conversations, which are shared in subsequent sessions.
  • This will be a small group – up to 25 conscious women leaders & influencers to facilitate the kind of transformation and elevation that only happens when we have an experience with other committed people over a span of time. We have found this range to be the magic number of big enough and not too big.
  • All sessions are recorded in the case you cannot make the live session or want to refer back. Although due to the intentional nature of this group, we ask all participants make this a priority as the participation of every woman matters. And we know, sometimes life will happen.
  • We’ll work with the book Overwhelmed and Over It, Embrace your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World written by Christine Arylo and its corresponding journal/workbook. You’ll also receive access to an online multi-media library that includes videos, visualizations and meditations to enhance your learning and embodiment of the practices and knowledge.

“Taking us beyond the same work/life balance and time-management strategies that have resulted in our doing less with more for far too long, Christine Arylo helps us see and release behaviors that aren’t working and embrace wiser choices.”
– Bobbi Silten, former EVP of Global Talent & Sustainability for Gap Inc

Investment - Time, Energy & Financial

This is an investment in your personal leadership and wellbeing, one that we believe starts with our own willingness to claim the space and support we need.

We find that once a woman stops letting time and external demands dictate her reality, and takes a stand for the space she needs, leans into consistent structure and experiences a supportive community, she can’t believe she ever existed without it.


Attending and participating in the retreats and live sessions. Experimenting with and exploring the models, practices, tools and inquiries in your daily work, life and relationships.   



Total Investment


(Made upon
acceptance & registration)

Monthly Payments

(5 payments Oct 1 -Feb 1)

Individual Investment

-Without Coaching




Individual Investment

+ With 2 Coaching Sessions




Save 10% if paid in full - $2970 no coaching, $3570 w/coaching

Important Note: Travel, lodging & meals for Leadership Retreat not included in program fee.

Receiving Support From Your Organization?

We believe that women should be supported by the organizations we work within. At the very least, we suggest you receive the time to fully participate. Additionally, you can request financial support as an investment in your leadership development. This acknowledges the impact this training will have on your ability to impact the wellbeing, engagement and retention of the people in the company.

We can give you materials to share with your organization to seek and secure time and/or financial support.

Meet your guides


Christine works as a workshop facilitator, keynote speaker, leadership coach and wellbeing advisor for organizations, as well as creates customized experiences for women’s leadership  programs and communities, ERGs (employee resource group) and wellbeing programs for non-profit and for-profit organizations in a spectrum of industries. For more than a decade, through her transformation-based consulting company, Expanding Possibility, she has been a catalyst, mentor, and advisor for established and emerging leaders on 6 continents.


International speaker and founder of two globally recognized organizations. At only 28 Ingrid has raised 500k+ funds, partnered with over 50 Fortune 500 Companies to help produce intersectional experiences and training that promote Inclusive Workplaces and has led over 40+ global forums and local forums that have reached women from over 135 countries. Since the pandemic, Ingrid officially registered a non-profit organization with the support of Gerdau to provide free coding education to teenagers from marginalized groups.


Overwhelmed & Over It: A Path to Sustainable Success

October 2022 – February 2023


You can register below by making your deposit. And our team will reach out to complete your enrollment and get you all set up. If you’d like to speak with one of us, click the button below to set up a time to talk. If you have questions you’d like an email response to, email us at Christine@ExpandingPossibility.org or Ingrid@waf.org

Registration Closes September 28th


This breakthrough approach to overwhelm and to living and working differently has transformed my life and the lives of those I lead.

Barbara Fagan-Smith, CEO of ROI Communications

What We’ve Found By Bringing Women Together in This Way

Leadership Training + Creative Incubator + Council of Conscious Women

This kind of environment creates connection, camaraderie, compassion, clarity and confidence. As each woman elevates, we all elevate in ways we can’t on our own.

Women drop the ‘strong-I-can-hold–it-all-together suit,’ and stop blaming and pushing themselves.They start seeing they do have power to do things differently. The self-judgment and  feelings of resignation and isolation release. 

With the space to experiment, women naturally start to make simple but significant shifts for themselves and others.

I had been in the corporate world for so long that a lot of my thinking around success and leadership pulled from the “do more model” which led me to over-work and burn out. This approach taught me about the power and strength that comes from living in alignment and flow. And now I live that myself and use the wisdom to inspire & influence the people and organizations I work within.

Gretchen Bladek, Working Mother, Deloitte & Google

Some Other Things You May Like to Know & Questions You May Have

This kind of environment creates connection, camaraderie, compassion, clarity and confidence. As each woman elevates, we all elevate in ways we can’t on our own.

1. What is this program and experience based on?

This experience is based on the methodologies published in 2020 in the book Overwhelmed and Over It, Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained and the applied research and teachings Christine Arylo has done with working women since 2006.

To learn more about:

  • The book and work, go to www.OverwhelmedandOverIt.com 
  • The 8 Root Causes & Solutions to Get Beyond Burnout we found through our research, study and experience.

2. Who are the women participating in this experience?

We are gathering conscious, professional, purpose-driven Women Leaders – Influencers, Change Makers & Social Impact Innovators who know they are here to make an impact, who support and influence others in their current work, and who are no longer willing to sacrifice their wellbeing, relationships, and needs/desires. 

Women who know there has to be a different way, and are willing and ready to breakthrough their own unconscious imprints, biases and ways of working to experience and trust a wiser way of leading, succeeding and living.  

Women who are tired of doing it on their own, or feeling alone in their leadership,and welcome meaningful connection, conversation and camaraderie with other conscious change makers.


3. If I have questions or want to speak to someone, who do I reach out to?

If you’d like to speak with one of us, click here (https://expanding.typeform.com/to/c3bEukRx)

to tell us a little about you and set up a time to talk. If you have questions you’d like an email response to, email us at Christine@ExpandingPossibility.org or ingrid@womenaf.org

4. What are the dates and times of the live sessions?

The sessions will occur on Friday’s US Time. The specific times will be provided once we have a sense of what time zone people are located in. We have these sessions during “Work Time” to signify that learning, receiving support and engaging in conscious connection is part of our work. Instead of fitting it in, we claim this space.


Monthly Sessions 

21st of October – Immersion and intention setting retreat

22nd of October 


4th of November 

18th of November


2nd of December 

16th of December


13th of January 

27th of January

February 24th – Closing session

5. What if I can’t attend all of the sessions live?

Active participation and commitment is key to you and the other women having a stellar experience that really makes an impact. And we know sometimes life will happen. We have done many of these kinds of programs and have communication channels set up to keep connection among participants throughout the process. This is not something you can just drop into – that won’t get you the results you want anyway. It will be a support system that you’ll really start to look forward to. That said, if you already know there is a session or two you’d miss, reach out to us and we can talk to see if now is the right fit for you.

6. When will you be running this program again?

As of this time, we don’t have another public offering scheduled for 2023. So if this is calling you, come.

Success is not success if it does not include wellness and sustainability.

If this speaks to you, register today or reach out for a conversation.

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