Embark on a transformative journey in the enchanting land of Oaxaca, Mexico. Beyond a physical excursion, our immersive retreats offer a profound journey of self-discovery.

A colorful Oasis of Culture, Cuisine and Creativity

March 21st-27th, 2024

6 Full Day Women’s Spring
Retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico

This spring join us to blossom within the itinerary we have in store for you!

Experience the unraveling of your protective armor and surrender into your heart space, surrounded by a community of like-minded souls sharing a collective desire for deeper connection, wellness, and spiritual discovery.

As we interweave culture, food, art, and nature, we extend an invitation to join our retreat—a soulful exploration of this magical land, honoring the earth and traditions of its peoples. Immerse yourself in the richness of indigenous Oaxacan traditions, savor local flavors, and traverse the breathtaking landscapes.



During the 6 full day culturally immersive and connective retreat travelers will experience:

Let the spirit of Oaxaca awaken your senses and be your guiding force as you shed the layers of winter and prepare to emerge into the warmth of spring.

This retreat is a harmonious blend of culture, food, art, and nature, promising a well-balanced and deeply enriching experience.

Our carefully curated itinerary takes you through Oaxaca’s archaeological wonders, culinary delights, and empowering encounters with local artisans.

It transcends the conventional retreat—it’s a celebration of Oaxaca’s vibrant spirit

Join us to rejuvenate your soul, immerse yourself in Oaxaca’s rich cultural tapestry, and embrace the energetic renewal of spring. The thoughtfully crafted itinerary ensures a unique blend of self-discovery, connection, and the joy of exploration. . 

Seize the opportunity to be part of this transformative experience.

Meet our retreat organizers

Ingrid Harb

Kelsi Russell

Tina Marie Avila

“May the sun enlighten you and the wind guide you, may the water and the earth give you what you need so that your body, soul and spirit may always be together.”

Teacher Jacobo Angeles Ojeda

Cost of Retreat

Dates: March 21st-27th, 2024

Trip duration: 7 days, 6 nights

Group Size: Up to 12 guests (women’s only)




Only applicable if bought for two) for example mother/daughter, partners, friends etc.

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What’s Included

● All transportation from the time you arrive at Oaxaca International Airport until the time you leave

● All meals, snacks and post-hike refreshments, sourced locally

● Five nights of lodging at the enchanting El Comalito & one night of mountain cabana lodging at Capulalpam

● Entry fees to all points of interest in the itinerary

● Numerous native and local guides

● Daily cultural sessions led by inspired local community leaders

● Daily ceremonies, meditations and more!

What’s not Included

● Recommended small (20-30L) daypack

● Clothing, footwear & personal toiletries

● Water bottles and headlamp

● Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico

● Alcohol

[What to bring]


We recommend you bring the following items in a small duffel bag, suitcase or backpack: (Keep in mind that temperatures change throughout the day. Having layers you can add/remove as needed tends to work best!)

Comfortable Walking/Hiking Shoes – Broken-in, midweight, with decent traction.

Active AND Casual Shirts – Moisture retention (cotton) can help cool you down on hot days, while non-cotton shirts tend to be more breathable. Consider short and long sleeve shirts, for varied sun protection, and don’t forget to bring some nicer options for when we venture out for meals in the evenings.

Warm Tops – Mid-weight wicking layer (fleece, merino wool, or polypropylene sweater), AND heavier-weight insulating “puffy” jacket (something that will keep you warm if we have a chilly evening).

Active AND Casual Pants/Skirts – Comfy, breathable pants, leggings, or skirts. Mexico is a little more formal than you might think. Have some longer options for our activities and for going out to nicer meals.

Sun Protection – Such as Sun Hat, Sun Glasses, Lip Balm, Sunscreen, and/or Bandana.

Rain Gear – Waterproof jacket or poncho (coated nylon or Gore-Tex® recommended)

Warm Hat & Gloves – (Option) Lightweight beanie & fleece or wool gloves for chilly mornings or evenings.

Extra-Casual Clothing and Footwear – Comfy clothes for wandering around the BnB and cabanas, and relaxed footwear for simple meals out.

Swimsuit/Pool Wear – Don’t forget any layers you’ll want in order to enjoy the heated pool at our BnB!

[What to bring]


We recommend you bring the following items:

Water System – Able to hold 2+ liters; Bottles or bladders are ok. At least one bottle is recommended in case a bladder ruptures.

Hand Sanitizer

Toiletries – Don’t forget a backup pair of contacts or glasses!

Prescription Meds – Include any vitamins, supplements, or relevant support braces.

Journal and Pens – For use during sessions and-or in your down time.

Money – Debir card or pesos, for any shipping you might want to do (There are so many amazing crafts!!)

Cell Phone, Camera – and relevant chargers

Flashlight-handlamp – Bring it if you’ve got it! A cell phone flashlight will also work.

Personal Daypack – This will be the pack you’ll use daily.

[How to get there?]


Your guides are happy to provide transportation from the airport on your day of arrival as well as return transportation on the final day. Please plan to arrive in Oaxaca on the afternoon or evening of Thursday, March 21. We recommend arrival on flights connecting with American Airlines flight #2469, arriving at Oaxaca International Airport at 12:14pm. You can expect to arrive back at the Oaxaca International Airport with us anytime on Wednesday, March 27. If you have fallen in love with the truly magical place that is Oaxaca and plan to stay longer than our trip together, or want to create another return trip, let us know! We are happy to help you plan for further accommodations and restaurants.

[Escalante, Utah]

Pictures from our 2022 Retreat


Pictures from our 2023 Retreat

Kampala, Uganda
I can say that after WAF there was an incredible change in my life. WAF believed in me and in all the potential that I did not believe I had.

[Ready to enroll?]


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