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Dynamic, curious & genuine are the 3 adjectives that best describe Clelia. She is always looking for new experiences and new challenges to constantly renew and expand herself.
She believes in Energy, in the Universe and Karma. At the same time she loves to live this life to the fullest. She has studied many different styles of yoga, and combines the experiences of all in what she calls her daily practice, “life”. 

She loves to practice Kundalini, Tantra and Pranayama to go deep with the energy. She also study & practice Shadow Work experimenting with a new system and different techniques. She truly believe that there is always space to 
“Become the best version of ourselves”.


Andrew is fun, loving, charismatic & motivational. He loves to teach and has the energy and enthusiasm to make any topic an exciting adventure. He has studied courses on death and dying, tantric goddess worship and exploring levels of consciousness through various spiritual practices. Andrew continues to to explore different levels of consciousness through various meditations and techniques from Kundalini, Tantra, Laya and Swara Yoga. Above all Andrew’s practice is one of surrender.

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